What are Some Important Features a Good Educational Game Must Have?


Games have a direct impact on learning, it’s more like the eLearning platform that is designed with the learner’s experience in mind. People are naturally motivated to play games; meanwhile, some games have been criticized for failing to integrate the learning experience and game experience while lacking educational features, which is a vital part of an educational game.

Learning games are a necessary part of great eLearning these days, as reviews says on Reviewsbird.com, that’s why educational games should have challenging and fantasy features as this will help in personal growth and development.

Let’s take a look at some much needed features of a good educational game;

1.       Motivation:

The actual key activity in the game must be interesting and engaging. Motivation should be in tune with the requirements of an educational gameplay. When a player experiences motivation they are challenged to do more.

2.       Interactivity:

Experiences from apps reviewed reveal that games, by their nature, are interactive. A good learning game should include a large element of interaction and it should provide an opportunity for learners to reflect on their own experience. Learning through games can help in provoking thought, but it also gives a unique experience for each learner.

3.       Experimentation:

It’s necessary to provide opportunities for in-game failure. Simply put, failure is part of the process of experimentation and learning. Part of the value of game-based learning is that it allows learners to experiment with different actions and different decisions in a safe environment. Learners should be allowed to walk through failure.

4.       Feedback:

One of the features of games is the feedback learner’s receive. Certainly, within games there is a close connection between action and instant feedback. Learners need feedback when asked to respond to the different questions. Feedback should be quick, precise and relevant when delivered to the player as it encourages the player to do more.

5.       Reward System:

There should be a reward for every win.

6.       Brain Exercise:

One of the ways to train your brain to be smarter is to play educational games, as reviews still has it that brain games may help sharpen certain thinking skills that tend to wane with age, such as processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making ability, logical thinking, etc. Games for your brain are a fun way of challenging yourself mentally, so regular training with educational games will keep your brain at its highest level and boost your cognitive performance to its maximum level while being still playful, fun and engaging.

7.       Conflicting/Challenging:

Educational games are challenging, makes you pay attention, they hold your interest and focus more because if it’s not focused on it then it will get destroyed. It helps to grow their abilities and integrate new experiences. A challenging game usually means more learners will be willing to play the game, so you’ll generate more engagement.

Educational game-based has tremendous potential for teaching and promoting skills and behaviours, its importance of learning is innumerable because it will entertain, engage and even instruct your learners.