Traditional Children’s Games in Indonesia


Indonesia, which is rich in various cultures and nature, certainly has its uniqueness compared to other countries. One of them is about the various traditional games that have existed. Various traditional games are in great demand because, in the past, they were not as sophisticated as the present, where now almost all games can be played via gadgets alone.
This traditional game has native regional characteristics by local cultural traditions. Elements of folk games and children’s games are often included in traditional games. Traditional games also have elements of tradition and are closely related to the customs or customs of a particular community group. The activities carried out must contain a real physical element involving large muscle groups and also contain elements of play as the basis for the aims and objectives of the activity.

  1. The Traditional Game of hiding and Seek
    Game of hiding and seek, this game is played by more than two people. The method is very easy. There is one person who becomes a guard and looks for his friend who has disappeared, while another person is hiding somewhere.
  2. Traditional Game of Bekel Ball
    The second game is the bekel ball. This game is very popular and the most crowded in 2003 to date. This game has existed in ancient times, but in the new millennium era, it is played by children.
  3. Traditional Games of Gundu or Marbles
    The third game is called gundu. Only children born in ancient times have ever known this game. Gundu has other words, namely marbles that look like clear glass, and usually, the ones who play this are boys.
  4. A traditional game of jumping rope
    The fourth game is jumping rope. This jumping rope can use rubber or rope. Also, we can make our rope, namely rubber.
  5. Traditional Game of Stilts
    The fifth game is stilted. This game was popularized by the people of the Jakarta area. It is not easy to use stilts, only people who are used to it and can conquer their balance. Stilts are two long sticks and are given a divider in the middle. This stick is made of bamboo or wood.