Four months after release: The success story of PS 5 so far


Gaming is an activity that appeals to several people across the world. Hence, it is expected that top gaming consoles across the world such as the Sony PlayStation is one that people often anticipate for years before a new version is released. The implication is that immediately it is released, people place their orders and get their copy so that they can enjoy the new features that come with the game. If you are yet to get the console or want to get another one, you should read reviews related to gaming products on US-Reviews to know the right companies to order your PS 5 from.

If you have an interest in PS 5, chances are that you will want to know what the future will look like for the PS 5. Some of the major developments that the PS 5 must go through in the future are discussed subsequently.

More sales

It is expected that PS 5 is yet to sell up to 10 percent of the total units that are going to be sold. Despite PS 4 being released in 2013, it still sold about 17.8 million units in 2018. Hence, it is expected that PS 5 will continue to make yearly sales of over 10 million units every year. In less than 2 months after the release of PS 5, about 4.5 million copies were sold. Considering that most of the sales were based on the euphoria associated with the release, the sales will normalize before the end of its first year considering that some people are still saving to get it. However, high yearly sales are expected to continue. Those who would want to change their PS 5 console after using it for a while as well as millions of people across the world that will be getting to the age where they can get the console as a gift or on their own will be responsible for the continuous high sales.


Pricing is going to be another major reason why the sales of PS5 will increase. Just like every new technology, the price is always at a peak immediately after release and with time will continue to reduce. Many people know this and are willing to wait until the console price drops or people who want to sell theirs at second-hand value. The PS4 that was initially sold for $399 now sells for $299. Hence most people know the price of the console is likely to drop a bit before the end of its second year.

More games

Some games for the PS 5 console were deliberately timed to be released in line with the release of the console so that early buyers can have new games to play immediately after the console was released. However, not all games timed for the release were able to meet the target. Furthermore, several others planned to finish the development of games for the console after its release. Hence, there are hundreds of games lined up to be released in the year 2021, with most of them being after the fourth month of the console’s release. More games are also expected to be released in 2022 and every other year for which the PS 5 will be the latest console for Sony PlayStation before the release of PS6.