Educational Games in Learning


Learning is the process of conveying to students by teachers who are currently experiencing dynamic development so that learning methods using information technology are developing.
Educational games are very popular learning media and are being developed by many experts to support the learning process in the classroom. Educational games are games that aim to provoke children’s interest in learning while playing, educational games actually refer more to the content and purpose of the game, not included in the actual game genre and aim to attract children’s interest while learning. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a learning media in the form of educational games that can have an interesting and fun effect on students in the learning process, so that students are able to easily accept the material provided by the educator. The media that is generally still widely used today is the media in the form of subject books. Books are a conventional medium that is still used today. The tendency of students to read textbooks tends to be low. The low interest of students in reading textbooks is because books are a monotonous, less attractive and monotonous learning medium. This will later have an effect on student learning outcomes
So the learning media using games are everything that is used as a means of connecting so that the message conveyed to students can be conveyed properly, which in the process of delivering the message uses games that use technology that can stimulate students to play it in order to understand understanding of science taught by teachers or educators.
This educational game aims to provoke student interest in understanding learning material while playing, so that feelings of joy, excitement and not boring arise. So the conditions are expected for children to be motivated and with an understanding of the understanding conveyed by the educator. Because so far learning using conventional learning media does not involve technology tends to make students bored and bored in the implementation of learning in the classroom.